is the new, simple way to ensure that every single line of code lives up to the best standards in your codebase. With, you can define rules that will run on every commit and every PR, and you can write them using the languages you already know. These rules can quickly and easily:

All of this only scratches the surface. You can use to power controls for compliance (HIPAA, FISMA, SAS70, etc.), to run your test suite against every branch before it's merged, or even to fire off your deployment commands, making it a self-contained Continuous Deployment system.

So whether you're looking to run a tool like Black or Rubocop or ESLint on every commit, or frustrated by Github's low-fidelity controls on repo permissions (even with CODEOWNERS), or just in need of a simple and intuitive way to improve code quality, find out more about today.

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What's your linting philosophy?

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